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After years of allergies and stomach issues, our 10 year old keeshond has been successfully seeing good results from her symptoms and I am excited to share this great dog food news.  We have tried the following brands for her, and found that they were helpful with some symptoms, but not all at the same time.  Her trial brands were and are not limited to:

  • Addiction Dog Food
  • Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul
  • Whole Earth Farms
  • Eagle Pack Dog Food
  • Halo Dog Food
  • Avoderm Natural Dog Food
  • Sojos Complete
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  • Merrick Grain Free Dog Food
  • Evanger’s Dog Food
  • Holistic Blend Grain Free
  • Innova Nature’s Table
  • Nature’s Variety Prairie
  • Solid Gold
  • Dog Lovers Gold
  • Wellness Complete
  • Orijen Freeze Dried
  • Homemade chicken and veggies
  • Raw chicken and lamb patty
  • Raw beef and veal patty
  • Natural Balance Alpha

So many years, so much disappointment, so much searching and really, all I was looking for was good Dog Food News!  The issue never was resolved, and I have to say, the health of my dog has often been in peril, and lately, I had to begin my quest of finding a new dog food, once again.  The dog food news I have to give you is my personal adventure into learning about canine nutrition, and our own story.  No one dog food is THE choice for every dog, but I have to say, with the people that I have recently met, I am closer to finding THE food of Choice.

History of Dog Food News Search

Before I begin to drill down into this story, will you permit me to describe her symptoms?  The most alarming symptom was just about a year ago, where she would vomit all her food up, and then fall down in a fit of paralysis.  This was so convincing to be a sign of a seizure, that we did many, many tests, for all results to come back negative.  The blood work came back negative and put us as a loss.  The many changes we patiently tried, with many special vet visits, and all the while, the issue of the vomiting was very scary.  Two months ago, our doctor recommended another dog food change, and this time, it went into intense diarrhea and an intense sickness of vomiting.  This change to a simple lamb and rice food, with incremental additions into her old food, created a position of dire health concerns.  We went back to her standing food, Natural Balance Alpha Trout and Salmon, which works ok for her skin allergies, but not for her stomach.  The problem has been drilled down to her food.

We tried to Find Good Dog Food News With Many Phases

And, so many years of careful trials, were passed, to help her with her skin allergies.  It was clearly her food!  She was so itchy one summer, that all the fur on her back leg was scratched off, and she was a bald dog.  She has had many different simple and careful dog food changes, and dog food bowls too.  We have fed her in a bright green bowl that gave her a slower cadence to her dog food eating.

Scarlett Eats Slowly With Her New Dog Food Bowl

We bought dog food cookbooks, baked squash and chicken for her dinners, and then froze them, to be reheated.  We always added a protein to her food, thinking that that would be good for her immune system, or her ongoing issues with her digestion.  We fed her more times each day, hiring a helper during busy days.  No good results!  The good dog food news was never coming.  I really was at my wits end!  We had to find a solution, and we finally hit the jackpot.  The days of trial and error are now over, I am so happy to report- I have good dog food news !

Dog Food News – We have to Go Vegan!

Why would you ever want a canine to go vegan?  Well, let me tell you my friends; veggies offer great vitamins and minerals, and there are healthy proteins that won’t produce horrible side effects.  The vegans have figured this out, with a philosophy and belief of non violence.  Dogs deserve the best, and the greatest gift you can give to your dog is health.  And, with all the chemicals, processing, and dire proteins like sick and young creatures, and less than healthy protein options, you are never going to find a protein based dog food that will help with your dog’s toxic reactions.   Go read the labels, and you will see a myriad of confusing ingredients.  If it is not for human use, how do you know that they use quality cuts of meat?  They say they do, but I have never had good results from any of these vendors.  My only choice left, was to keep following the information, and finally I found the right choice.

Evolution is The Great Dog Food News

I happened to get a clipping from my husband, who was reading the paper, and found this ad:

001When you read it, it seems like fools gold.  But, with a gentle nudge from my sick dog, I tried the phone number, ordered the food, and visited the store.  We are in heaven now.  Great dog food news is that her symptoms are slowing.  She loves the food.  It is healthy for her, and she is finally sleeping through the night like she did when she was a puppy.  Shame on all those greedy dog food vendors of late…why it took me so long to find the solution is simple:  there is so much misinformation out there.  You may think this is the same thing as other dog food choices, but really, there are no chemicals or preservatives that will toxic or affect your best friend.  When I thought about it, I was ensuring that the single protein I was feeding her was valid for her nutritional needs, but it really was not offering a solution to keep her diet clear of immune issues.  As her body accepted this new food, she reacted with more skin symptoms, and I knew I was on the right path.  When a dog is in a state of nutritional inadequacy, the body will store many toxins in cells, so that the liver can cleanse what it is daily limit is capable of removing.  Over time, the issue becomes even more dangerous, and cancer, hormone issues, bone deficiencies,  and joint and skin problems erupt.  She will most likely seem sicker in the near term, with her allergies, as her cells feel compelled to release the toxins they have stored for so many years.

Our greatest pleasure is now the fact that she is enjoying dinner, and that she has not thrown up with every meal.  We had to limit her portions with Evolution, as it will expand greatly in water, and in effect cause an uncomfortable belly fullness with a dry meal.  We have taken to moistening her food with just as much water as food in a bowl, placed in the fridge.  When we are feeding breakfast or dinner, we simply pull out the already re hydrated food. She in fact eats less solid food, and seems perfectly satisfied.  This is a huge amount of good dog food news!

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  1. But the fact is, foods should be tested on dogs before they go to market; some products that seem brilliant in theory just don t perform well in actual dogs.

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