Dog Stomach Acid and Holistic Solutions

Dogs sometimes develop a physical problem in their digestive system, that ensures that they will produce a large amount of stomach acid. Unfortunately, I know only too well what this problem is like, and how frustrating it may be for pet parents.  When you have a long day at work, and come home to a series of stomach acid trails on your floor, it is hard not to be sad for your dog, and frustrated that their are not good solutions for your dog.  Here are some ideas that really can help you manage this frequent and common problem.

Solutions for Dog Stomach Acid Symptoms

Looking at the holistic answers, to possibly “cure” the stomach acid that you are experiencing, here are some great long term solutions.

  • Feed raw protein
  • Capsule any mineral or vitamins for your dog
  • Feed poached eggs with a warm temperature
  • Feed pumpkin or squash once a week
  • Feed raw foods room temperature, by simply placing in a tall stainless steel bowl in hot water, so it floats and warms but does not cook
  • Use a baby food warmer with larger packs of dogs
  • Keep your dog satisfied with dehydrated treats from the USA

Solutions for Managing Dog Stomach Acid Symptoms

Sometimes, managing the resulting vomit will be the best way to ensure your dog actually gets the nutrition it needs.  I know this sounds strange, but a dog that constantly produces acid, is going to have to remove it, and a grain full diet will be the worst diet for this condition.  In fact, it will create an even worse problem of more stomach acid.  For dogs that see stomach acid on a daily basis, be sure to see your veterinarian, for solid medical advice.  Often they will recommend medicine that will help with the symptoms, but won’t allow you to solve the situation.

Look for new advice from your vet, and take the situation day by day.  The solution will be hard to immediately see, but often a raw protein diet, will produce great results.  You can do this with people food, like chicken, beef, venison and lamb.  If the protein has raw tendencies, you can even let them eat the bones, as long as they are not cooked.  Dogs with stomach acid, need something for the acid to work on, so raw protein based food is the perfect natural choice.

Keep your dog in an environment, where you can easily control their movements, and allow them to vomit if they have to while you are away.  It does not make sense to expect immediate results, so please be patient.  Your dog will need peace and quiet while she recovers from the grain diet she may have been on for years.  Allow her time to get well.  Use blankets, towels, rugs and bed sheets to control the mess.  Do your best to hold your dog when she vomits the acid, and do it over a cookie sheet.  The large size, and flat but upturned edge will work wonders to allow the vomit to be expelled, but not ruin your home’s floors.  Buy a carpet cleaner, as you will need it until your dog gets better.  Do not use soap, just hot water to express the acid from any soft flooring material.

How to feed a Sour Stomach Acid Dog

After your dog has vomited, try to feed the raw protein within a hour.   Feed room temperature.  Be sure to warm it from cold refrigerator to warm room temperature with the hot water bath, or a baby food warmer.  A yogurt cooking machine is another option.   Do not feed dairy, seeds, nuts, rice, or grains.  Do feed raw bones.  Do feed within one hour of any vomiting.  If the dog does vomit, try to hold your dog over a cookie sheet or plate, to let them keep the vomit clean.  If they did vomit up food, let them finish it if they are inclined.  This is nasty, but it is a dogs survival technique.   They will not eat the stomach acid, but the morsels of protein, from previous meals.

Do find an organic mineral and pro-biotic vitamin to dispense.   The most important detail is to place the powder in a capsule, like a vegetable or vegan capsule for easier digestion.  Often, minerals and vitamins are hard to digest and will upset a dog’s stomach lining.  Many owners find giving the dog vitamin after the meal is the right way to give it to them.  Try slippery elm as a stomach chaser, as it often will help with tender tummies.


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