Flaxseed Oil for Dogs

Why is flaxseed oil such an important oil to provide nutrition for your dog?  When you are looking to improve your dogs health, one way to do so, is to provide EFAs or Essential Fatty Acids to your dog’s food.  The best dog food has flaxseed oil as an ingredient, and that is a good thing to look for in the ingredient list.  Sometimes, you are torn between two foods, and just looking for flaxseed oil can increase your dogs food nutrition choices.  Even if the ingredient is lower down the line of food offered ingredients, that can be a good decision maker to which food you buy for your best friend.  This rich source of vitamin E, vitamin A, provides a key to health that not many oils provide.

Flaxseed Oil for Lowering Inflammation

The thing that we all should consider when we look at our good food choices, is are you and your dog receiving the right nutrition?  Often sled dogs or husky dogs in sleds, are given flaxseed oil in their raw food choice.  The ability for cells to become more robust, and their cellular linings thicker, is the result we see with any EFA introduction, but with flaxseed oil, you see this ability to prevent cellular damage.  The fact is, if your dog is under some allergy stress, or exercises too much, the introduction of flaxseed oil can be a good thing to improve reconstruction for your dog.  Cells are evolving things that need repair, and with a proper Essential Fatty Acid like Flaxseed Oil, your dog will find good health quickly.

Health with Flaxseed Oil

fishoil capsAdditional anti inflammation is not the only benefit, as this key piece of support from Flaxseed Oil will provide food antiaging and anti tumor assistance as well.  Sometimes, a dog will be eating  a less than nutritious food, and get a good food option once and a while.  With this fleeting nutritional addition, the body will store the extra nutrition in fat reserves.  The reason many dogs today have fatty tumors all over their chests and back, is often due to these fleeting nutritional boosts.  With the continual use of flaxseed oil in your dog’s food, you will see the results of shiny coat, healthy looking skin, and good health in the form of less events like fatty tumors.  The many issues that your dog experiences, even with joint problems can be a reason to incorporate this great element to your dog’s food.

Flaxseed Oil Spoils Easily

Often we buy dry dog food, and it sits on a shelf for awhile, during production and then in the dog food store, before it sits on our shelf at home.  Do yourself a favor, and buy smaller bags of food when you can, and always keep a fresh bottle of flaxseed oil in the fridge.  The oil is sometimes best when it comes in a dark bottle, and is always oxygen sensitive.  It is a good oil to buy frequently, and if you can, in smaller sizes to keep your nutritional advantage to a higher level.  The flaxseed oil you buy should not smell rancid or sour, but have little smell to it.  Being able to add flaxseed oil to your dog’s food is a very good idea.

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