Why One Food May Not Be Best For Your Dog

Choose a dog food that is best for your dog by careful trial and error, and expert guidance from your vet.  Sometimes, an illness will begin you on a new path to a new food; but often that can be disastrous and really difficult.  The only time you should try a new food, is when you are feeding a dog food that is full of non-organic ingredients, corn meal, bones, chicken feathers, beef organs like digestive tissues, or grains like rice.  Dogs do not do so well over time with food that is offered each and every day, and does not give them vitamins and minerals that they need to be healthy and sound.  They need essential fatty oils, and they need fresh and safe food stocks.  Best for your dog practices of feeding organic, holistic food, and a single protein that offers the right kind of carbohydrate is key.

Lose Weight Will Be Best For Your Dog

super dog foodEven with all the change on your dog food choice, you might find a great dog food that allows good nutrition and value for your budget; but it makes your dog fat!  What is a pet parent to do?  I recommend you watch the amount you feed your dog, and do continue on with the good new choice.  A small dog should be fed less than is advised, often try for at least 1/4 of what you normally feed, and be sure to at least break up the meal into two feedings.  If you can, breakfast, lunch and dinner is best for all dogs.  This can be difficult for working pet owners, but you can try an automatic feeder, or a pet walker to add a step after the walk, with a covered bowl ready to go on the counter.

Choose to Be Best for your Dog with No Treats

Extra feedings, and great dog food made of blueberries, real chicken, real beef, salmon, or a good carbohydrate like beans or oats can be heavy, and you don’t need to treat your dog. Make a special effort to bake for your dogs, and make best for your dog choices by a little more effort. Sometimes, just adding a little more effort to your dog feeding routine, will bring great value for your dog’s health.  It can be as simple as not adding any people food.  Or, even better, try to improve your diet too, by eating fresher foods like fruits and vegetables, and not processed or preserved foods.  Learn to shop on the outside of the store, and eat from the produce isles.

Keeping treats away from your dog will be a best for your dog practice that will allow you to continue with feeding great dog food alone.  With some day to day persistence, you can find great value with this continued habit, and your dog will flourish.  The ability for your dog to overcome allergies, stomach issues, and constant fatigue, and joint issues will gradually improve.  With this too, if your dog is suffering from any eye, ear or teeth issues, the lack of sugar and poor carbohydrate will improve these problems.  Remember, sugar and easy carbs that convert to sugar easily like corn, create an easy way for cancer cells to grow in tissues and digestive environments your dog produces.

Best for your dog practices are often about simple changes each day, and with one direct change to food, and nutrition you will be closer to better health.

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