Medication and Protein Based Meals

When you have a sick dog, and your vet is prescribing medication for your dog’s ailment, you should consider diet as another way to react to symptoms of medications, and use of such medicines.  With each medication, comes a set of symptoms that is new to your pet, with the use of the medication.  Our dog suffered from inflammatory bowel syndrome, which was supported by Prednisone, and offered her inflammation relief with this medication, but did bring on increased water intake and urination symptoms.  Similarly, she was on Cerenia for nausau, which created some anti-hunger symptoms, and some sleepiness.  Not only that, but she was on Metronidazole and Famotidine for stomach acid and loosening of the stomach exit muscle created some wellness results, but there were some poor results, as well.  The medicine did not work if it was not given a 20- 30 minutes before a meal.  And, for a sick dog, only medication and protein offered the right way gave us great success.

Medication Works Best with a High Protein Meal

003How is it that medication will work better for a dog on a high protein diet?  The answer is simple, especially when the dog is taking orally prescribed medications.  The real reason is that the protein chain ensures that medication works best, and when you look at the results, you are certain to find better results with your dog with this combination.  Dogs are protein eaters, and do much better when sick, on protein vs carbs for their meal plan.  When you are searching for the right solution, go to your vet, get the right medication, and then, really consider their diet.

Protein strands keep toxins from staying in the blood, and often have a way of sticking to calcium and magnesium deposits.  With advanced age, dogs have a great advantage with a protein diet, as they will eliminate any toxins with ease.  The protein will be easier to manage with medication as well.  A good form of protein is chicken, as it is lean and can be the right processor for adding collagen and good connective tissues.  Livers function better with a protein diet, and often release lots of good enzymes for digestion.  There are sometimes higher liver levels with a high protein diet, but it offers a way to keep the medicine working correctly.   When you consider how diets are often changed to low fat, and dogs develop cancers or tumors on this diet, this is an indicator of lower levels of liver activity.

Medication can be Encapsulated for Best Use

009A vegetarian gel capsule will be a great way to pocket pill your dog’s medications for ease of orally submitting your dog’s medication.  Sometimes, pills taste really bad, so encapsulating them in a no yeast, no wheat, no gluten, no corn, no soy milk, no sugar, no starch, no preservatives, or animal products.  This way, you are not interfering with the medication in its effectiveness, but allowing it to be ingested by the dog correctly.

Medication should be given before a meal

Encapsulated medication, should always be given 20 minutes before a meal.  This will ensure a good digestion of the protein and allow for good support of the medication. Only be sure to give medicines that need to be given on a full stomach, after your other pills.  When you have a sick dog, this will ensure you have good success, and eventual stop of the medication going forward.

Homemade Dog Food Chicken Souffle

Your homemade dog food choices include some veggies and protein options, but sometimes your dog will resist a home cooked meal if your dog is feeling sick or is suffering an illness. Offering a tasty warm meal is the solution to this problem.  This is the best way to ensure they are on the road to recovery, and you can provide great nutrition and the right food for your dog.  When you do offer homemade dog food, be sure to mix it up, and add different protein, and different veggies.  One recipe that works well for my dogs, is Chicken Souffle.


Ingredients for Homemade Dog Food Chicken Souffle

  • 2 cups of organic chicken cooked either white or dark meat
  • 12 organic eggs
  • 8 oz of Monterrey Jack, Mild Cheddar, White Cheddar or Cream Cheese
  • 2 oz Cheddar Cheese Curds
  • 2 cups of half and half
  • 1/2 cup Breadcrumbs
  • Olive Oil or spray olive oil

How to Assemble Homemade Dog Food Chicken Souffle

007You can usually find the organic chicken already grilled, or cooked on the rotisserie for you at the deli.  The chicken I buy is prepackaged all cooked and shredded. I mince it in the food processor to tiny little pieces, no bigger than a grain of rice.   If you are feeding a hungry large dog, you do not have to mince the chicken, but with sick or small dog, it will ensure your dog eats the quiche or souffle.  Depending on if you want to separate the eggs, it will be either.  With a separation of the whipped egg whites, you get a souffle.  This is not a necessary step, but can be a nicer presentation.  For a dog, I am not sure they really like the souffle vs. the quiche. Dogs just love eggs!   I do not separate the eggs whites from the yolk, so my result is more quiche like.  It is a choice you need to consider when you are creating this recipe for your dog.

If your dog is sick, old, and suffering from illness, go for the quiche.  Of course, if your dog is looking to drop some weight, the no yolk souffle will be the right choice.  And, if you are baking for a party or a special occasion, whip the egg whites first, save in a bowl, and add as the first ingredient.

Recipe for Homemade Dog Food Chicken Souffle

  • Makes 12 Souffle Meals in 12oz ramekins

Heat your oven to 325 degrees.  Using 6 ramekin baking bowls at a time, spray oil or olive oil a light coating of oil on the bottom of the ramekin.  Use a brush to lightly coat the inside of the ramekin, or lightly spray.   Place evenly on a cookie sheet.   Then, dust the breadcrumbs along the bottom of the inside of the ramekins.  Separate 1/2 of the total chicken, to work with the 6 ramekins.  Add a this mixture to each ramekin, in the center of the bowl.  Whip egg whites if you are making a souffle, or whip both egg whites and yolks in a food processor for more of a quiche.  Add half and half to food processor.  Pour egg mixture over ingredients to fill ramekin 3/4 a way up.  Place a slice of cheese on top of egg mixture.  Place another piece of cheese curd on top of that cheese.

Note: The cheese curd will bake into the meal, and show you when the mixture is completed in baking, by its spread over the top of the egg.

Evenly distribute among all 6 bowls, reserving half for your total ingredients for your second set of 6 bowls. Complete second set of bowls.

Bake on cookie sheet, for 25 minutes.  Move top cookie sheet down to bottom of oven, and bottom to top for another 20 minutes.  At the end of 45 minutes, heat oven up to 400 degrees for 5 minutes.  This will crisp up your souffle or quiche.  Move to counter to cool, and remove from ramekin to cool to warm for your dog.  Enjoy!


All homemade dog food quiches or souffles can be cooled, frozen, and then reheated in oven 5 minutes for later use.  One quiche or souffle will be sufficient to feed a medium sized dog for one meal.  It is a great way to give your dog needed protein, and do it without raw ingredients.  Your souffle can be combined with pumpkin, green beans, lentils, salmon, beef, or any thing that your dog loves, and that does not have preservatives and toxins.  Add a mineral and a vitamin, and you have a homemade dog food option that is true health benefits to come.

Dog Stomach Acid and Holistic Solutions

Dogs sometimes develop a physical problem in their digestive system, that ensures that they will produce a large amount of stomach acid. Unfortunately, I know only too well what this problem is like, and how frustrating it may be for pet parents.  When you have a long day at work, and come home to a series of stomach acid trails on your floor, it is hard not to be sad for your dog, and frustrated that their are not good solutions for your dog.  Here are some ideas that really can help you manage this frequent and common problem.

Solutions for Dog Stomach Acid Symptoms

Looking at the holistic answers, to possibly “cure” the stomach acid that you are experiencing, here are some great long term solutions.

  • Feed raw protein
  • Capsule any mineral or vitamins for your dog
  • Feed poached eggs with a warm temperature
  • Feed pumpkin or squash once a week
  • Feed raw foods room temperature, by simply placing in a tall stainless steel bowl in hot water, so it floats and warms but does not cook
  • Use a baby food warmer with larger packs of dogs
  • Keep your dog satisfied with dehydrated treats from the USA

Solutions for Managing Dog Stomach Acid Symptoms

Sometimes, managing the resulting vomit will be the best way to ensure your dog actually gets the nutrition it needs.  I know this sounds strange, but a dog that constantly produces acid, is going to have to remove it, and a grain full diet will be the worst diet for this condition.  In fact, it will create an even worse problem of more stomach acid.  For dogs that see stomach acid on a daily basis, be sure to see your veterinarian, for solid medical advice.  Often they will recommend medicine that will help with the symptoms, but won’t allow you to solve the situation.

Look for new advice from your vet, and take the situation day by day.  The solution will be hard to immediately see, but often a raw protein diet, will produce great results.  You can do this with people food, like chicken, beef, venison and lamb.  If the protein has raw tendencies, you can even let them eat the bones, as long as they are not cooked.  Dogs with stomach acid, need something for the acid to work on, so raw protein based food is the perfect natural choice.

Keep your dog in an environment, where you can easily control their movements, and allow them to vomit if they have to while you are away.  It does not make sense to expect immediate results, so please be patient.  Your dog will need peace and quiet while she recovers from the grain diet she may have been on for years.  Allow her time to get well.  Use blankets, towels, rugs and bed sheets to control the mess.  Do your best to hold your dog when she vomits the acid, and do it over a cookie sheet.  The large size, and flat but upturned edge will work wonders to allow the vomit to be expelled, but not ruin your home’s floors.  Buy a carpet cleaner, as you will need it until your dog gets better.  Do not use soap, just hot water to express the acid from any soft flooring material.

How to feed a Sour Stomach Acid Dog

After your dog has vomited, try to feed the raw protein within a hour.   Feed room temperature.  Be sure to warm it from cold refrigerator to warm room temperature with the hot water bath, or a baby food warmer.  A yogurt cooking machine is another option.   Do not feed dairy, seeds, nuts, rice, or grains.  Do feed raw bones.  Do feed within one hour of any vomiting.  If the dog does vomit, try to hold your dog over a cookie sheet or plate, to let them keep the vomit clean.  If they did vomit up food, let them finish it if they are inclined.  This is nasty, but it is a dogs survival technique.   They will not eat the stomach acid, but the morsels of protein, from previous meals.

Do find an organic mineral and pro-biotic vitamin to dispense.   The most important detail is to place the powder in a capsule, like a vegetable or vegan capsule for easier digestion.  Often, minerals and vitamins are hard to digest and will upset a dog’s stomach lining.  Many owners find giving the dog vitamin after the meal is the right way to give it to them.  Try slippery elm as a stomach chaser, as it often will help with tender tummies.


Dog Food News

After years of allergies and stomach issues, our 10 year old keeshond has been successfully seeing good results from her symptoms and I am excited to share this great dog food news.  We have tried the following brands for her, and found that they were helpful with some symptoms, but not all at the same time.  Her trial brands were and are not limited to:

  • Addiction Dog Food
  • Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul
  • Whole Earth Farms
  • Eagle Pack Dog Food
  • Halo Dog Food
  • Avoderm Natural Dog Food
  • Sojos Complete
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  • Merrick Grain Free Dog Food
  • Evanger’s Dog Food
  • Holistic Blend Grain Free
  • Innova Nature’s Table
  • Nature’s Variety Prairie
  • Solid Gold
  • Dog Lovers Gold
  • Wellness Complete
  • Orijen Freeze Dried
  • Homemade chicken and veggies
  • Raw chicken and lamb patty
  • Raw beef and veal patty
  • Natural Balance Alpha

So many years, so much disappointment, so much searching and really, all I was looking for was good Dog Food News!  The issue never was resolved, and I have to say, the health of my dog has often been in peril, and lately, I had to begin my quest of finding a new dog food, once again.  The dog food news I have to give you is my personal adventure into learning about canine nutrition, and our own story.  No one dog food is THE choice for every dog, but I have to say, with the people that I have recently met, I am closer to finding THE food of Choice.

History of Dog Food News Search

Before I begin to drill down into this story, will you permit me to describe her symptoms?  The most alarming symptom was just about a year ago, where she would vomit all her food up, and then fall down in a fit of paralysis.  This was so convincing to be a sign of a seizure, that we did many, many tests, for all results to come back negative.  The blood work came back negative and put us as a loss.  The many changes we patiently tried, with many special vet visits, and all the while, the issue of the vomiting was very scary.  Two months ago, our doctor recommended another dog food change, and this time, it went into intense diarrhea and an intense sickness of vomiting.  This change to a simple lamb and rice food, with incremental additions into her old food, created a position of dire health concerns.  We went back to her standing food, Natural Balance Alpha Trout and Salmon, which works ok for her skin allergies, but not for her stomach.  The problem has been drilled down to her food.

We tried to Find Good Dog Food News With Many Phases

And, so many years of careful trials, were passed, to help her with her skin allergies.  It was clearly her food!  She was so itchy one summer, that all the fur on her back leg was scratched off, and she was a bald dog.  She has had many different simple and careful dog food changes, and dog food bowls too.  We have fed her in a bright green bowl that gave her a slower cadence to her dog food eating.

Scarlett Eats Slowly With Her New Dog Food Bowl

We bought dog food cookbooks, baked squash and chicken for her dinners, and then froze them, to be reheated.  We always added a protein to her food, thinking that that would be good for her immune system, or her ongoing issues with her digestion.  We fed her more times each day, hiring a helper during busy days.  No good results!  The good dog food news was never coming.  I really was at my wits end!  We had to find a solution, and we finally hit the jackpot.  The days of trial and error are now over, I am so happy to report- I have good dog food news !

Dog Food News – We have to Go Vegan!

Why would you ever want a canine to go vegan?  Well, let me tell you my friends; veggies offer great vitamins and minerals, and there are healthy proteins that won’t produce horrible side effects.  The vegans have figured this out, with a philosophy and belief of non violence.  Dogs deserve the best, and the greatest gift you can give to your dog is health.  And, with all the chemicals, processing, and dire proteins like sick and young creatures, and less than healthy protein options, you are never going to find a protein based dog food that will help with your dog’s toxic reactions.   Go read the labels, and you will see a myriad of confusing ingredients.  If it is not for human use, how do you know that they use quality cuts of meat?  They say they do, but I have never had good results from any of these vendors.  My only choice left, was to keep following the information, and finally I found the right choice.

Evolution is The Great Dog Food News

I happened to get a clipping from my husband, who was reading the paper, and found this ad:

001When you read it, it seems like fools gold.  But, with a gentle nudge from my sick dog, I tried the phone number, ordered the food, and visited the store.  We are in heaven now.  Great dog food news is that her symptoms are slowing.  She loves the food.  It is healthy for her, and she is finally sleeping through the night like she did when she was a puppy.  Shame on all those greedy dog food vendors of late…why it took me so long to find the solution is simple:  there is so much misinformation out there.  You may think this is the same thing as other dog food choices, but really, there are no chemicals or preservatives that will toxic or affect your best friend.  When I thought about it, I was ensuring that the single protein I was feeding her was valid for her nutritional needs, but it really was not offering a solution to keep her diet clear of immune issues.  As her body accepted this new food, she reacted with more skin symptoms, and I knew I was on the right path.  When a dog is in a state of nutritional inadequacy, the body will store many toxins in cells, so that the liver can cleanse what it is daily limit is capable of removing.  Over time, the issue becomes even more dangerous, and cancer, hormone issues, bone deficiencies,  and joint and skin problems erupt.  She will most likely seem sicker in the near term, with her allergies, as her cells feel compelled to release the toxins they have stored for so many years.

Our greatest pleasure is now the fact that she is enjoying dinner, and that she has not thrown up with every meal.  We had to limit her portions with Evolution, as it will expand greatly in water, and in effect cause an uncomfortable belly fullness with a dry meal.  We have taken to moistening her food with just as much water as food in a bowl, placed in the fridge.  When we are feeding breakfast or dinner, we simply pull out the already re hydrated food. She in fact eats less solid food, and seems perfectly satisfied.  This is a huge amount of good dog food news!

Why One Food May Not Be Best For Your Dog

Choose a dog food that is best for your dog by careful trial and error, and expert guidance from your vet.  Sometimes, an illness will begin you on a new path to a new food; but often that can be disastrous and really difficult.  The only time you should try a new food, is when you are feeding a dog food that is full of non-organic ingredients, corn meal, bones, chicken feathers, beef organs like digestive tissues, or grains like rice.  Dogs do not do so well over time with food that is offered each and every day, and does not give them vitamins and minerals that they need to be healthy and sound.  They need essential fatty oils, and they need fresh and safe food stocks.  Best for your dog practices of feeding organic, holistic food, and a single protein that offers the right kind of carbohydrate is key.

Lose Weight Will Be Best For Your Dog

super dog foodEven with all the change on your dog food choice, you might find a great dog food that allows good nutrition and value for your budget; but it makes your dog fat!  What is a pet parent to do?  I recommend you watch the amount you feed your dog, and do continue on with the good new choice.  A small dog should be fed less than is advised, often try for at least 1/4 of what you normally feed, and be sure to at least break up the meal into two feedings.  If you can, breakfast, lunch and dinner is best for all dogs.  This can be difficult for working pet owners, but you can try an automatic feeder, or a pet walker to add a step after the walk, with a covered bowl ready to go on the counter.

Choose to Be Best for your Dog with No Treats

Extra feedings, and great dog food made of blueberries, real chicken, real beef, salmon, or a good carbohydrate like beans or oats can be heavy, and you don’t need to treat your dog. Make a special effort to bake for your dogs, and make best for your dog choices by a little more effort. Sometimes, just adding a little more effort to your dog feeding routine, will bring great value for your dog’s health.  It can be as simple as not adding any people food.  Or, even better, try to improve your diet too, by eating fresher foods like fruits and vegetables, and not processed or preserved foods.  Learn to shop on the outside of the store, and eat from the produce isles.

Keeping treats away from your dog will be a best for your dog practice that will allow you to continue with feeding great dog food alone.  With some day to day persistence, you can find great value with this continued habit, and your dog will flourish.  The ability for your dog to overcome allergies, stomach issues, and constant fatigue, and joint issues will gradually improve.  With this too, if your dog is suffering from any eye, ear or teeth issues, the lack of sugar and poor carbohydrate will improve these problems.  Remember, sugar and easy carbs that convert to sugar easily like corn, create an easy way for cancer cells to grow in tissues and digestive environments your dog produces.

Best for your dog practices are often about simple changes each day, and with one direct change to food, and nutrition you will be closer to better health.

Flaxseed Oil for Dogs

Why is flaxseed oil such an important oil to provide nutrition for your dog?  When you are looking to improve your dogs health, one way to do so, is to provide EFAs or Essential Fatty Acids to your dog’s food.  The best dog food has flaxseed oil as an ingredient, and that is a good thing to look for in the ingredient list.  Sometimes, you are torn between two foods, and just looking for flaxseed oil can increase your dogs food nutrition choices.  Even if the ingredient is lower down the line of food offered ingredients, that can be a good decision maker to which food you buy for your best friend.  This rich source of vitamin E, vitamin A, provides a key to health that not many oils provide.

Flaxseed Oil for Lowering Inflammation

The thing that we all should consider when we look at our good food choices, is are you and your dog receiving the right nutrition?  Often sled dogs or husky dogs in sleds, are given flaxseed oil in their raw food choice.  The ability for cells to become more robust, and their cellular linings thicker, is the result we see with any EFA introduction, but with flaxseed oil, you see this ability to prevent cellular damage.  The fact is, if your dog is under some allergy stress, or exercises too much, the introduction of flaxseed oil can be a good thing to improve reconstruction for your dog.  Cells are evolving things that need repair, and with a proper Essential Fatty Acid like Flaxseed Oil, your dog will find good health quickly.

Health with Flaxseed Oil

fishoil capsAdditional anti inflammation is not the only benefit, as this key piece of support from Flaxseed Oil will provide food antiaging and anti tumor assistance as well.  Sometimes, a dog will be eating  a less than nutritious food, and get a good food option once and a while.  With this fleeting nutritional addition, the body will store the extra nutrition in fat reserves.  The reason many dogs today have fatty tumors all over their chests and back, is often due to these fleeting nutritional boosts.  With the continual use of flaxseed oil in your dog’s food, you will see the results of shiny coat, healthy looking skin, and good health in the form of less events like fatty tumors.  The many issues that your dog experiences, even with joint problems can be a reason to incorporate this great element to your dog’s food.

Flaxseed Oil Spoils Easily

Often we buy dry dog food, and it sits on a shelf for awhile, during production and then in the dog food store, before it sits on our shelf at home.  Do yourself a favor, and buy smaller bags of food when you can, and always keep a fresh bottle of flaxseed oil in the fridge.  The oil is sometimes best when it comes in a dark bottle, and is always oxygen sensitive.  It is a good oil to buy frequently, and if you can, in smaller sizes to keep your nutritional advantage to a higher level.  The flaxseed oil you buy should not smell rancid or sour, but have little smell to it.  Being able to add flaxseed oil to your dog’s food is a very good idea.

Raw Bones for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Raw Bones for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Raw bones are a great treat for dogs and cats for that matter, but specifically for dogs as they really need a place to chew.  Dogs use a chewing break for exercise, and mental release.  Consider your dog when you come home from work, is he or she happy relaxed, or stressed and excitable?  The addition of raw bones to your doggy routine can be a great nutritional benefit.  Here is why raw bones, not processed bones are best.

Raw bones are close to Natural Events

dreamstime_l_27876126Dogs are often misunderstood by many means, and it usually creates an unusually naughty and excited canine companion.  With the advent of the modern age, our companions are often only our canine companions.  More and more people are isolated from each other, and rely on their dogs for love and affection.  This small pack family unit is hard on both the human and the dog, but it can be successful when the human allows their dog to be a dog.  Raw bones are a great way to give a dog that hunt and kill moment of feeding; just like a dog pack would eat.  It is a relaxing way for a dog to eat, pull, twist and chew some stress from their day that was often alone, and too closed up and quiet.  Or, if you have little ones running around, the constant noise of the day, can be whisked away for a dog with a little time to chew a raw bone.

Raw bones offer good amino acids

Raw bones and raw meat are good additions to the stored dry food we feed our dogs each day.  Once a week, check with your butcher on a raw beef long bone, and give it to your dog, watching that they do not get rib or soft bones like vertebrate.  Dogs often presented with a raw bone will attack it with gusto, looking for the best place to pull the meat that remains on the bone, and crack open any areas nearing marrow.

It is important to always be present when you feed raw bones, as our dogs have sometimes taken a cut thigh bone, and gotten it stuck around the bottom of their mouth.  It is such a nice circular bone, and they chew away the marrow inside the ring, and then boom!  They have a bone stuck!  This is something that I have prevented with purchase of longer, larger bones, and a time limit to chew time.  Each week, we let them chew for no more than 15 minutes of glorified doggie chewing time, and then snatch the bone away with a leadership grab.  Dogs chewing on bones will revert to their pack hierarchy of alpha and submissive roles, and you as the feeding human are a submissive role for certain.  During the bone removal, be safe, and allow your dog this aggressive stance, but be firm upon removal of the raw bone.  Do not save it, as a fresh raw bone is a great treat, but a stale saved stored bone is unhealthy and a risk of disease.

Raw Bones : When to Buy

Most butcher shops and grocery stores do their large cuts early in the week.  Plan to buy your raw bones on a tuesday or a wednesday for the best choices.  Good options for dog bones are leg femur bones cut into 3 or 4 inch cuts, shoulder joint bones, hip or upper pelvic bones, and nuckle pig bones.  Do not feed your dog chinese dried pig ears, tails or any skin pieces from the scrap piles.  Often sold to pet stores, these cuts are worthless to dogs, and will be too soft and create intestinal damage to your dog.  Look for bright red meat, beef, venison, and lamb cuts, that are larger and easy to hold onto.  Raw bones should be free of any odor or apparent rot.


Super Dog Food for Miracle Pets

Super dog food is a superlative description for great dog food that is good for your pet, and great for your bottom line as a proud pet parent.  Super dog food is a description that includes food that offers great value to your puppy or elder dog by finding good nutrition.  Without good nutrition, it is not super dog food!

Super Dog Food Has Vitamin C

super dog foodAll dog food that is described as super dog food offers value in terms of vitamins that the body cannot produce, and the most mighty of them all is Vitamin C.  Offering a key mineral to replace the vitamin C that the liver removes from the system each day, offers many different positive effects for your best friend.  Without vitamin c, cellular structure of every living mammal suffers, and infection and inflammation will continue to be a problem.

Vitamin C keeps the walls of molecules and cells like muscle, nerve, and blood healthy and thick.  They can go about their cellular missions of keeping the body oxygenated, moving signals across pathways of the body, and digesting food and enzymes.  The majority of dogs do not get enough vitamin C on current dog food, so a great way to find a super dog food, is look for vitamin C!

Super Dog Food Has Vitamins B6 and B12

The vitamin b group is a kind of super dynamic duo that keeps infection and good cell growth equal and healthy.  Without a good level of these ingredients, common invaders that cause allergies and infection have a better chance of creating a problem for your dogs.  With a careful amount of B6 and B12, your dog will have a way to fight the issues that cause allergies and infection.

Minerals and Vitamins are Super Dog Food clues, and can bring great adsorption of proteins, and carbohydrates.  When your dog eats, it is important to remember, that may be the only food he or she receives each day.  With the advent of dog food, it becomes even more important for us as pet parents to ensure we are providing healthy and super dog food offerings.

By-Products, Sugars and Starches are Not Super Dog Food Choices

When you are feeding super dog food, it is not fun colors, nor does it contain a mass of corn, by-products like chicken meals, or beef by products.  A by product is often the items off the skeleton of the protein base, like a chicken beak, or feathers, or even the bones of these birds.  Ground into small pieces, and repackaged for pet food, this is not the base of super dog food.




Why Feeding Your Dog Good Dog Food is So Important

Consider your dog food the most important choice you make for your best friend each day, and buy good dog food for your dogs.  The only way you can ensure health and vitality in your dog is to find the best dog food for your furry best friend.  They eat one thing each day, so your choice is very important.   If your dog’s food is not healthy, your dog will not be healthy.

Good Dog Food Starts with Vitamins

Great Dog Food Starts with Knowledge

Begin with a protein, add some fiber, and for a good nutritional boost, add some vitamins.  The best dog food choices have Vitamins like C,B6,B12, and A.  Even some good dog food choices offer Vitamin D, and offer a smaller bag, that has a short shelf life.  After all, the vitamins are often something that is a mixture of natural fruit, vegetables, that have been dried and added to the protein and fiber in your dog’s food. Dry dog food is often very suggestible to losing its vitamin richness over time, as the vitamins are oxidized fairly quickly.

Comparisons between good dog food choices, can often begin with the bag itself, and looking for the Vitamins on the label.  Then, consider a holistic dog food choice, which is often a good dog food step.  Dog diet begins with health, and any time you are searching for good dog food, buy natural and holistic ingredients that you can understand and know what they are.  A cold or frozen dog food is not often healthy, or a good dog food choice, but it can offer a hypoallergenic dog food choice, as it may be raw.  Kibble is often harder to get nutrition from, but if you buy it with a short shelf life or with a born on dating that is close to the time of use, you are going to see good benefits from this food.

Good Dog Food Also Includes Minerals

Why minerals are just as, if not more important than vitamins, has to do with canine evolution, and how their bodies work.  Minerals are components in food that cannot often be created in the intestines and digestion of dogs, so not having them in your dog’s food, can be a tragedy.  The best dog food ratings are often related to the levels of good minerals like lecithin, or phosphatidyl-choline, which are important for cellular structure.  Without this vital mineral, cell walls are thin, and the dog’s biology is open to allergies, and infections.  Your dog food analysis should show this valuable mineral in the components of the food, and should show this in the ingredient list.

Dog food reviews often indicate that my dog likes this food, eats it quickly, and has increased appetite on this food, based on the addition of good minerals like calcium, magnesium, yeast, and selenium.  The great additions of these minerals add a layer of absorption into your dog’s body, that will allow the Vitamins to be used and effective.

Good Dog Food Increases Happiness and Vitality

All dogs are different, so not one dog food will be your good dog food choice.  The one thing I would strongly suggest is that corn be the one ingredient to avoid at all costs.  It is not an ingredient that should be legal in dog or cat food.  This one ingredient, will cause many problems in your dog’s health, and can be a reason that allergies become a symptom in your dog’s life.  When you remove corn from your dog’s food, corn meal, corn additives, corn filler, you are removing yourself from most cheaper dog food choices, but you are also offering a better, complete and balanced dog food.  The best choice is always to look for the good dog food with vitamins, minerals, and one that is fresh.

When you do this, you are offering a happy and fun life for your dog. They will have better nutrition to keep their joints moving, their brain calmer and more attentive, and offer them better chances at fighting parasites and infection.  It is the keystone to less pain, more fun, and a much better life in the long run.  Good dog food starts with nutrition and ends with a happiness to you and your dog.

Increase Health with Good Dog Food and Fight Problems Down the Line

One of the largest problems looming in canine health is cancer.  The most dedicated and knowledgeable vets know that cancer is a large problem, and is growing more and more each year.  Without good nutrition, your dog will have increased changes to be closer to pesticides and hormones in cheaper and less advantageous dog foods.  Cancer symptoms are of great importance, and will be a good thing to watch for, as it will keep you dedicated to finding good dog food!


Dogs commonly get cancer. Cancer is a disease that is characterized by a group of cells that grow to invade and destroy adjacent tissues. It may also spread to distant areas through a process called metastasis.
Cancer can occur in the skin, under the skin and affect just about any location or organ in the body.

There are also several types of cancer that is possible at each location. The signs of cancer vary with the location and type of cancer. The aggressiveness of the cancer will depend on the type of cancer, the location and the individual pet.

Some common warning signs of cancer may include:

1. Lump or growth that grows quickly
2. A firm mass or a mass that seems attached to the underlying tissue
3. A pigmented mass or a mass that changes its character
4. A sore or wound that does not heal
5. Difficulty eating or swallowing
6. Weight loss or loss of appetite
7. Repeated vomiting – especially in an older pets
8. Coughing or difficult/labored breathing
9. Bloody urine or difficulty urinating
10. Persistent lameness
11. Lethargy or a decreased energy level
12. Straining or difficulty defecating

Without good dog food, you may experience a few of the most common warning signs-More at 12 Warning Signs of Dog Cancer

Melon and Honeydew Fruit for Dogs

What kind of treats are good for dogs, and are good fillers for a job well done-the best answer is fruit for dogs !  All dogs love honeydew or cantaloupe, and melons for fruit.  The best fruit for dogs is a fruit that is full of water, fiber and has some of the best vitamins and minerals like a green or light orange melon.

Orange Melon is Good Fruit for Dogs

Is the Best Fruit for Dogs is In This Bowl?

Cantaloupe or fresh orange melon is a great fruit for dogs.  The cantaloupe is a melon that is typically grown in Colorado, California, and the western parts of America.  There are many melon farms in Mexico and Central America.  Your best bet will always be to find an organic orange melon or cantaloupe, as these farms are better for your health.  The natural pest protection of nets and human attention will always beat out a chemical spray, as this is the usual way that cantaloupe is protected.

The melon family is a healthy fruit for dogs, as they offer a large dose of phytonutrients, or fruits that offer healing properties through nutrition.  Back through the Victorian Era, melon was always seen as a good fruit to apply as a salve on a burn, and as a wound healer.  The nutrition in the melon is useful for assisting internal wounds and infections, such as reactions to allergies on the skin, and urinary tract infections.  The bladder, kidney and the liver will all benefit from the healthy nutrition of the melon.

Honeydew is a Nutritious Fruit for Dogs

Healing the body is all about nutrition, and not a drug regime of covering up symptoms.  The best way to heal your body, is to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C.  The melon family is loaded with Vitamin C!  If your dog is suffering from allergies, and has itchy skin in the winter and itchy red spots in the summer, a honeydew melon will be a great way to find your best friend some relief.  Most holistic and organic melons offer a large dose of fiber and vitamin C, that will be easily digested, and you do not need a lot of melon to have the best results.

For your dog, follow the following directions to bring the right fruit for dogs:

Honeydew Melon for Fruit for Dogs

Your melon is going to be minimal in portion size for your dog.  Your cat can benefit from a melon ball too, once a week.  Buy a small organic honeydew melon, and ball the fruit into balls with a melon baller tool.  Use a small ball tool, and make as many as you can with your honeydew.  Great fruit for dogs can be too much of a good thing, so in order to avoid too much fiber, only offer one ball per 10 pounds of weight.    This can upset digestion if offered each day, so a single melon can be a good thing for you, and your pets, with a single ball for a small dog, and a few for a larger dog.  Use a correct portion of 5 balls for a larger dog, one melon ball for a tiny best friend.  Offer one to your cats as well.

The best fruit for dogs is often just a simple fresh melon ball, that offers great healing for skin allergies, and for any kind of internal infection, with a tasty dose of vitamin C.