Why Feeding Your Dog Good Dog Food is So Important

Consider your dog food the most important choice you make for your best friend each day, and buy good dog food for your dogs.  The only way you can ensure health and vitality in your dog is to find the best dog food for your furry best friend.  They eat one thing each day, so your choice is very important.   If your dog’s food is not healthy, your dog will not be healthy.

Good Dog Food Starts with Vitamins

Great Dog Food Starts with Knowledge

Begin with a protein, add some fiber, and for a good nutritional boost, add some vitamins.  The best dog food choices have Vitamins like C,B6,B12, and A.  Even some good dog food choices offer Vitamin D, and offer a smaller bag, that has a short shelf life.  After all, the vitamins are often something that is a mixture of natural fruit, vegetables, that have been dried and added to the protein and fiber in your dog’s food. Dry dog food is often very suggestible to losing its vitamin richness over time, as the vitamins are oxidized fairly quickly.

Comparisons between good dog food choices, can often begin with the bag itself, and looking for the Vitamins on the label.  Then, consider a holistic dog food choice, which is often a good dog food step.  Dog diet begins with health, and any time you are searching for good dog food, buy natural and holistic ingredients that you can understand and know what they are.  A cold or frozen dog food is not often healthy, or a good dog food choice, but it can offer a hypoallergenic dog food choice, as it may be raw.  Kibble is often harder to get nutrition from, but if you buy it with a short shelf life or with a born on dating that is close to the time of use, you are going to see good benefits from this food.

Good Dog Food Also Includes Minerals

Why minerals are just as, if not more important than vitamins, has to do with canine evolution, and how their bodies work.  Minerals are components in food that cannot often be created in the intestines and digestion of dogs, so not having them in your dog’s food, can be a tragedy.  The best dog food ratings are often related to the levels of good minerals like lecithin, or phosphatidyl-choline, which are important for cellular structure.  Without this vital mineral, cell walls are thin, and the dog’s biology is open to allergies, and infections.  Your dog food analysis should show this valuable mineral in the components of the food, and should show this in the ingredient list.

Dog food reviews often indicate that my dog likes this food, eats it quickly, and has increased appetite on this food, based on the addition of good minerals like calcium, magnesium, yeast, and selenium.  The great additions of these minerals add a layer of absorption into your dog’s body, that will allow the Vitamins to be used and effective.

Good Dog Food Increases Happiness and Vitality

All dogs are different, so not one dog food will be your good dog food choice.  The one thing I would strongly suggest is that corn be the one ingredient to avoid at all costs.  It is not an ingredient that should be legal in dog or cat food.  This one ingredient, will cause many problems in your dog’s health, and can be a reason that allergies become a symptom in your dog’s life.  When you remove corn from your dog’s food, corn meal, corn additives, corn filler, you are removing yourself from most cheaper dog food choices, but you are also offering a better, complete and balanced dog food.  The best choice is always to look for the good dog food with vitamins, minerals, and one that is fresh.

When you do this, you are offering a happy and fun life for your dog. They will have better nutrition to keep their joints moving, their brain calmer and more attentive, and offer them better chances at fighting parasites and infection.  It is the keystone to less pain, more fun, and a much better life in the long run.  Good dog food starts with nutrition and ends with a happiness to you and your dog.

Increase Health with Good Dog Food and Fight Problems Down the Line

One of the largest problems looming in canine health is cancer.  The most dedicated and knowledgeable vets know that cancer is a large problem, and is growing more and more each year.  Without good nutrition, your dog will have increased changes to be closer to pesticides and hormones in cheaper and less advantageous dog foods.  Cancer symptoms are of great importance, and will be a good thing to watch for, as it will keep you dedicated to finding good dog food!


Dogs commonly get cancer. Cancer is a disease that is characterized by a group of cells that grow to invade and destroy adjacent tissues. It may also spread to distant areas through a process called metastasis.
Cancer can occur in the skin, under the skin and affect just about any location or organ in the body.

There are also several types of cancer that is possible at each location. The signs of cancer vary with the location and type of cancer. The aggressiveness of the cancer will depend on the type of cancer, the location and the individual pet.

Some common warning signs of cancer may include:

1. Lump or growth that grows quickly
2. A firm mass or a mass that seems attached to the underlying tissue
3. A pigmented mass or a mass that changes its character
4. A sore or wound that does not heal
5. Difficulty eating or swallowing
6. Weight loss or loss of appetite
7. Repeated vomiting – especially in an older pets
8. Coughing or difficult/labored breathing
9. Bloody urine or difficulty urinating
10. Persistent lameness
11. Lethargy or a decreased energy level
12. Straining or difficulty defecating

Without good dog food, you may experience a few of the most common warning signs-More at 12 Warning Signs of Dog Cancer

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